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Need for developing antimicrobial solutionsTM

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Corona is our future. As per WHO, world needs to prepare for another pandemic – 2nd wave of Corona
Superbugs expected to take lives of 1 patient every 3 seconds by 2050!
Every 1 in 10 patients gets Hospital Acquired Infections while receiving care
Economic burden on society due to HAI is estimated to be around $200 billion annually
Different antibiotics for different diseases – Expensive treatment with serious side effects

Catheter Associated UTI 9CAUTI)

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Catheter Associated UT
Bacteria prevails on medical devices and consumables
Tubes inserted in body are major cause of bacterial infections
It is inevitable to make these tubes antibacterial
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Each CA UTI adds USD 675 to hospitalization charges
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Increased cost $ 0.4-0.5 billion nationally
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Excess medical cost due to CA UTI annually USD 131 million


Extends length of stay at hospital by almost 15 days in non ICU settings
Economic burden associated with extended hospital stay as well as antimicrobial remedies to stop the infection from spreading
Increased fatigue
Revenue loss due to bed occupancy by same patient for more number of days
Loss of reputation
Unnecessary use of antibiotics