Heal Rap

A one of it’s kind combination gel for critical wounds viz. Diabetic foot ulcer / Bed sores / Venous ulcers.

Critical Wounds

78 million

people affected globally each year

$25 Billion

spent every year on treatment

180 amputations

everyday yet

5 deaths


Current Alternatives

Time Consuming
Need Expertise
No Guarantee of Success

Our Solution


Providing solution to 78 Million people - a global market worth $7.75 Billion


  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity
  • Presence of unique growth factors
  • Reduce oxidative stress in wounds

Easy Application

Gel is simple to apply. Saves time, energy and hospital resources.

Test & Trial

  • Currently under rodent animals trial phase.
  • Human clinical trials planned by 2020.


Diabetic foot ulcer is a pressing issue today. More than 78 million people affected globally. Diabetic foot ulcer consist of difficult to heal/ nonhealing wounds, resulting in amputations. There are around 8,000 amputations happening each year in Indian only due to diabetic foot ulcers. Current treatment deal with only prevention of infection and very few options available for wound healing.

HEALRAP, is our unique formulation with cell growth trigger molecules, which allow blood vessels and adjacent cells to grow rapidly in wound lumen. Our product consists of unique nanoparticles which take care of infection and their reoccurrence. It’s an easy to apply Gel and cheaper than the current treatment options.

Unique features

The formulation is a unique blend of small molecules which not only prevents the infection but also helps in accelerating wound healing. The process of making such a formulation is novel, for which we will file a patent.

This is the first time when such a combination gel treatment option is proposed for Diabetic foot ulcer healing. Current products only deals with one of the underlaying principal of wound healing, However wound healing is a complex process and thus our formulation is targeted on multiple process of wound healing at various stages.

Market Potential

Global wound care and closure market is expected to reach $20.5 billion by 2020. Among the segments, active wound care Skin substitutes and Growth factors is the fastest growing segment at a CAGR of 11.9 percent 2014-2020 and ulcers being the highest revenue generating segment worth $7.75 Billion in 2020. Hospitals are showing an inclination towards advance wound care products as they perceive that prolonged hospital stay and bed occupancy are a biggest cost burden than investment in advance wound care products. In India, there are currently ~ 25,000 private labs, 12,000 private hospitals and ~3000 semi government and government hospitals engaged in wound management. This provides a gateway for our new technology based product to enter the market and grow faster. This technology has many advantages over the current methodologies, viz simplicity of use, cheaper cost affordable, and faster wound healing. It will be affordable for users even from economically unprivileged nations.

Societal Relevance

India is a Diabetic capital of the world, with increasing number of diabetics, foot care will be a huge challenge to address. When today, we need a healthy population to work for the growth of country disability due to diabetic foot amputation is going to be a curse.

Our treatment will avoid the situation of amputation to a larger extent, which will be beneficial especially in rural India, where disability is a taboo.